Money Management Poker Jars is an Online Bankroll Management system created by Poker Players for Poker Players.

This system was created to assist you with managing your losses, while accumulating savings from your wins.

Even the greatest poker player on earth will have a losing day, or losing streak. With proper bankroll management, you can reduce your losses during these losing streaks, and ensure there will be enough money left over to earn greater profits when the streak is over.

This system is designed for any size bankroll. You can start with a bankroll of $10.00 or $1,000,000.00. You can use this system for casino poker games, home poker games, or online poker.

The basic concept is simple. You should only risk about 10% of your total bankroll in a single session. A session would typically consist of one 24 hour period. During that time, ideally you should only risk about 10% of the session's limit in any single game.

Here is a brief explanation of the system:
  • Start with as much as you can comfortably risk losing.
    • This is your Starting Bankroll.

  • During each day, only risk 10% of your starting bankroll for the entire day.
    • This is your Session Limit.
    • This gives you at least 10 chances to turn around a losing streak before your starting bankroll is diminished. (Actually, if you do the math, you have many more than 10 chances)

  • During each game, only risk about 10% of your session limit.
    • This is your Wager.
    • This gives you at least 10 games/day.
    • You can adjust this percentage based on your time available. If you plan to play for the entire day, the session limit should be viewed as your bankroll. If you only plan to play one game, maybe you could afford to risk the whole session limit on one game.

  • Your Profit is calculated by subtracting your wager from your winnings.
    • 50% of your profit should go into a seperate savings jar.
    • The other 50% of your profit should be reinvested into your session limit for the day, or your entire bankroll at the end of the day .
    • Reinvesting 50% of your profit gives you an instant reward for winning games, and therefore creates even more af a desire to profit.

  • At the end of the session, you can total up your winnings (or losses), and record them into
    • will automatically calculate your profits, and any percentage that you choose to save.
    • You are then ready for your next session, and can check for your new spending limits.

Effectively managing your money to keep you playing is only the first step. Ideally you would like to earn an income, and reward yourself for all of these wins.

We think reward is a very important step in creating a winning mindset. Your subconscious mind will soon realize that when you profit - you are rewarded, when you lose - your fun is done.

The Poker Jars system automatically calculates the percentage of winnings to save, and keeps a running total of your savings.

This savings is yours to manage. Maybe you want to consider it your weekly paycheck, or save it for that WSOP seat. You can even choose to reinvest it into your bankroll every week.

You can do any number of things with this extra money, we just know it is important to keep this percentage of your profits separate from your starting bankroll. This part of the system ensures you will be rewarded, and even after the longest losing streak, your savings will be safe.

Our recommendation is to save 50% of your profits, however you have the ability to change this percentage, as with all of the percentages.

Opening on October 01, 2009, is offering FREE service to the first 1,000 subscribers.
Let Poker Jars help increase your profits and decrease your losses.