The Poker Jars System was created by Brian Becker. Brian is a Poker Player and Technical Entrepreneur. He is a Senior Systems Engineer for Alternative Aspect in Bergen, NY. Brian developed the Poker Jars system when he found the need for a professional, established, and tested system of money management.

Upon looking around, he found many suggestions from pros, and amateurs, but never a real, complete system. Most suggestions will tell you, "never risk your whole bankroll", or "always save some of your winnings". Well, Brian took all of this advice into account, and created an actual formula, and database where he can record winnings and losses.
He can always have an idea where his total bankroll is at, and how much money he is able to risk at a given table in a given day.

All of the web design and PokerJars database programming was done by Olga Becker of Alternative Aspect

We admit that this site is still young, and we hope it's popularity allows it to prosper into a full fledged management and reporting system. For now though, it is able to keep track of the games you play and give you statistics about your wins, losses, and LIMITS.

Please give Poker Jars a try. You will see that this system is the best available, since there is no competition.

We are currently aware of the need for the following options, but if you feel there is something that can add value to this system, please let us know.
  • Reporting
    • Graphs
    • Statistics
      • ie. Probablities of success for a specific table size, or wager.
  • Integration with online poker sites
  • Mobile acess to record games

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This website was created with Alternative Aspect's StarterSite.